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When passion meets purpose

The Japanese call it “ikigai” – that sublime state of mind when we understand our "reason for being."






2017-10-23 | BY Ilse Blank

The Japanese call it “ikigai” – that sublime state of mind when we understand our "reason for being." It is said that when our passion, mission, vocation and profession overlap, we will discover our purpose.

It took me a number of years to figure this out for myself, and I don’t for one second presume to know where it will lead me to. What I do know is that after many years of internal dialogue on the subject, one day it just clicked – in my mind and in my heart. My next life step was crystal clear and I found that taking that step was not as fearful as I had anticipated.

That milestone decision was to leave a relatively secure and amazing corporate job and join my friend and business partner, Stamatia Zabotto, in Melagrana. Like Stamatia, I wanted to channel my energies and talents into building a business for myself, in an environment where I could use my talents and skills to make a difference to people and things that matter.  I wanted the freedom to express myself creatively while doing good.

When we developed the tagline for Melagrana, “when passion meets purpose”, Stamatia and I wanted to express our intent as a business. Our combined talents, experience and skills, energised by our passion for what we love to do, would be meaningless if we did not have a purpose.  We’ve spent time articulating what we want our purpose to be as a business. After much healthy debate we agreed on “helping our clients grow”.  We believe that as marketing and communications strategists, we have an important role to play in helping our clients grow both their revenue and their reputations.

In doing this, we have committed to working with our clients to help them identify their own purpose and translate that into their brand. This traditionally is not the space for marketing and communication strategists, but we have found ourselves very comfortable in the nexus between strategy and purpose.

The experience with our clients to date, has been inspirational. Helping them identify and articulate their purpose brings enormous clarity to their business. Once the purpose is clear, it’s a natural extension into the brand strategy.  We believe that unlocking your “ikigai” will change you – and your business - for the better.


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Our key take-aways:

• Embrace the realisation that you need to articulate your purpose

• Identify and discover that purpose

• Live your purpose

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